Tuesday, 17 June 2008

There Are Worse Things Than Bushy Eyebrows

Today Chad was gone for the day. I spent almost all of Asher's waking hours reading him books. We read a few over & over, & then we moved on to some that I rarely read. He has enough books so that this can last for a very, very long time.

We were reading a book about animals that separates them into different kinds (Mammals, Fish, etc.). We got to the Reptiles page & Asher says "there's Daddy!" & points to the snake. He wanted to read the book again later & repeated again, "there's Daddy!" & once again pointed at the snake.

I'm not too sure where he got that idea from, but I suppose that it's better that he thinks I have bushy eyebrows than that I am a snake!


  1. That is sooo funny!!!! Yes, I agree I would rather be the man with the bushy eyebrows then the snake!(I think?) Kids are so funny they say the craziest unscripted things. Josh told me the other day while I was looking at a necklace that I couldn't get it cause my head was to enormous and it wouldn't fit????

  2. Hmmm - what does the snake represent? Deep thoughts!