Thursday, 26 June 2008

I Think I'm Ready To Move

Last night we got a call from the U-Haul guy saying that the closest place that had a trailer of the size we had reserved was 2 hours away. Well, we had ordered the smallest trailer b/c we have a VW Jetta to pull it with, so getting a bigger trailer wasn't really an option. His offer was to cut the price from $250 to $100 for the week.....

So Chad has gone to get our cheaper trailer! I declared it unfair that he gets to go driving for 4 hours this morning while I have to stay home & pack & clean, but then I remembered that I would have the computer, so I decided that I'd check emails & blog a bit!

So, now I have a few loads of laundry going, everything is pretty much packed, & I basically only have vacuuming to do, which I will wait until everything is pretty much out of here to do b/c you can't really vacuum w/ boxes everywhere. I'd show you a picture of all our boxes, but the cord for the camera is packed & I don't really know how to connect it to the laptop. Maybe I'll get them up in a few days.

Surprisingly, our phone has been disconnected already. I ordered it to be done today & they kept saying it would be done by 5 pm. I checked it at 9am & it had already been done. It figures that if you need a phone connected they'll wait until the last minute, but to get it disconnected it's done right away so you can't make anymore calls!

Tomorrow we head out on our way from Ontario to Alberta! It's supposed to be a 42 hour drive. We're going through Canada b/c we've never been that way before. It adds about 8 hours onto the trip, but since we have a trailer full of stuff we figured it doesn't make sense to cross the boarder if we don't have to.

I'm actually really looking forward to the trip both b/c it's seeing things we haven't seen before, & b/c we'll have lots of time to think about the calls we have received from churches. We don't really know where the Lord is leading us, so we have to really pray & figure out what His will is for us. We have 3 really good offers & we just don't know what our decision is.

So for the next week I'll be at the mercy of hotel internet. Hopefully most the ones we stay at will have wireless so I can still post about all the exciting things we do & see on our "big trip" as Asher has been calling it.

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  1. We pray for safe travels for you. Sounds like it will be a fun trip. Maybe you'll have to get a van before you move again:)