Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Few Asher-isms

Last night Asher & I took Chad out to Dinner @ Jack Astor's. They were having a special deal where if you ordered a Heineken, you got a free beer glass. Always ones to get free stuff, we went out to celebrate Father's Day!

We had just gotten out of the car & Chad was asking me if we were going to sit outside or inside, so he'd know if he'd need his sunglasses. Asher piped up, "Sit outside!" & promptly sat down in the parking lot. That boy DOES have good listening skills, I just wish he'd use them as much when we tell him "no."


As I was putting Asher to bed last night, I asked him if he wanted the cow blanket or the purple blanket. He almost always chooses the cow blanket, so I started to put it on him. He said, "no, PURPLE blanket!" So I put the purple blanket on him instead. He was laying down in the crib, put his feet up in the air, & declared, "SU-PER Asher!"

Yes, we have a strange kid. Chad attributes it to the fact that he spends the bulk of his time with me. I have no comment.

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  1. I would have to agree with Chad on this one. He is a very wise man!