Thursday, 19 June 2008

It's Real Life

I'm having a go at the "It's Real Life" blog party. Here are pics from my real life (keep in mind that b/c we are packing to move, things are probably a bit messier/tidier than they would normally be in real life!) Without further ado, here's my real life:

Usually the fridge would be covered w/ pictures & magnets, but since my fridge died recently, it's been clean ever since.

The inside has less stuff than normal b/c we are moving & I'm TRYING to use up what we have.


Chad & my closet. We came from a house where we each had our own closet this size.... I think we are doing pretty well sharing it!

Kitchen Sink:No dishwasher, so those dishes are drying. I decided if I have to wash after every meal, I am NOT drying the dishes too.

Toilet:Here's our throne.

Favourite Shoes:
I'm glad it's getting warm enough again!

Favourite Room In The House:
I like to sit in the bit chair & read/watch TV after Asher's in bed.

What Asher's Doing Right Now:
He's not in his jammies, but I didn't want to wake him, so here's an older pic. Imagine he's 2 months older.

Laundry Pile:
Not much here b/c I just did it yesterday, but I am anal enough to have it sorted into darks & lights.

Self Portrait:
Here I am!


  1. Great insights to your life! Thanks so much for playing. Loving another flip flop lovin' mama!

    That's a terrific self portrait btw!

  2. Great pictures of your real life! What a cute bathroom, it looks so nice!

  3. It does look very tidy! Your little boy is very cute!!!

  4. Yeah. Ditto to Jessica's comment...great self portrait. Wish I could take such good ones!