Saturday, 28 June 2008

Are We There Yet?

We are in Marathon, Ontario tonight. We have travelled about 1200 of 3500 kilometres on our trip. It feels like we've gone much further. Chad mentioned today that he already is not looking forward to making this trip again in 3 months. I agree.

Trips like this used to be fun, but now I am constantly having to turn around in my seat & being 7 months pregnant it's not too comfortable to try to reach for toys & books that have been thrown down on the floor. Asher's actually being fairly well behaved, until we get out of the car. He just wants to run & be crazy, but who can blame him? After 4 hours of having to sit still in the car seat we all want to run around & be crazy.

Driving is proving to be less than enjoyable for Chad as well b/c of the trailer. We can't use the cruise control b/c it makes the car work too hard, so Chad has to drive w/ his foot on the accelerator the whole time rather than being able to move a bit to get more comfortable.

Right now Asher is standing in his crib saying, "hi, Mummy!" over & over. We have set chairs on the table & draped a blanket over the top so he can't see us. Having to share a room w/ a toddler who has not expended enough energy over the course of the day, is not a whole lot of fun.

There will be no TV watching before bed. I always feel a bit sorry for the people on either side of us when we are in hotels. Asher is great at going to sleep at home now, but I think he saves all his bad nights for hotels. I suppose it makes sense since his routine is all askew.

Wish us luck on this trip, that we get the sleep we need.......

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