Thursday, 5 June 2008

"Excuse Me"

Asher likes to say excuse me. After he burps he will ALWAYS say excuse me. If Chad or I burp, or even if our stomach makes a funny sound, he will say, "'scuse me, Mummy (or Daddy)." The other day we were in the car & Asher had the hiccups. They were the real hard kind where it sounds a bit like a burp. He said "'scuse me," hiccuped again & said "'scuse me again" & since the hiccups weren't done, for the next few minutes this was repeated.

Finally Chad told him that he was hiccuping & that you don't have to say excuse me if you hiccup. After that we heard him hiccup, then say, "don't say 'scuse me, hiccup." He hiccuped again & repeated, "don't say 'scuse me, hiccup."

The other night Chad burped at the table & Asher announced, "Asher say 'scuse me a (for) Daddy....... 'scuse me." We loved how he didn't just say excuse me for Chad, but announced his intentions first.

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