Friday, 6 June 2008

The Singing Rule

We have a rule in our house that I adopted from my mother-in-law. Apparently whilst growing up (& currently as well), Chad had a habit of singing (or humming) ALL THE TIME. This wasn't much of a problem, except that he never took notice that he was doing it & it would often happen at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. Sure it was a bit of an annoying habit for everyone else after awhile, but never more so than whilst trying to eat a family meal. So, his mum established THE RULE.

The rule is simply "No humming or singing at the table." I STILL have to remind Chad quite often while we are trying to have a meal by saying, "no singing at the table, it's too distracting." (And let me tell you, the WORST is if we are at a restaurant w/ music playing! Chad will start humming or singing along to THAT if we don't keep him entertained enough w/ our witty banter!)

So, last night Chad wasn't home from his seminar yet, & it was just Asher & I at the dinner table. Asher started to sing very softly, but I let it go b/c he was happy & was still eating pretty well. I was finished my meal & just waiting for him to decide if he had had enough. He said, "Mummy sing 'Where, Oh Where'." Not really thinking about it, I obliged & he stopped me 3 words into the song w/ a HUGE smile on his face. "No singing at the table, Mummy, too distracting!"



  1. Smart kid!! :)

  2. I know the humming you are talking about!!! I have witnessed Chad humming!!! I love how Sneaky Mr. Asher is... oh boy Sherilyn... you have a little mini you!!

  3. He sure enough did Sherilyn!!