Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Another Post About My Eye

I thought since I've been gone the past few days, that you'd be DYING to know how my eye has been doing. There was so much drama about it last week that I couldn't just let the story die w/o filling you in on what has happened.

On Friday Chad & I brought Asher over to our friends' house for the weekend b/c we were going to Prince Edward Island to visit a church out there. The Optometrist had squeezed me in b/w patients in order to check that my eye was getting better. Much to her surprise not only was my eye NOT better, but the infection had spread to the other eye as well. I had started putting drops in both eyes, but since the right eye wasn't as bad as the left I put the weaker, first prescription in the right eye & the stronger, second prescription in the left. Plus I was putting the allergy drops in the left as well since she had told me to do that.

So, Chad dropped me off at the optometrist for my appointment. She took a quick look & told me to keep up what I was doing & take the allergy drops in both eyes. So four times a day I was supposed to put four drops in each eye. It can become quite difficult to put that much liquid in your eye & expect it to stay there & not leak out, but somehow I managed for most of the weekend. I got a bit lax about it by Sunday, but by that time it was pretty much better in both eyes.

Chad said this morning that it looked like I was over it, but my left eye still looked a bit puffy. I have stopped taking the medication & haven't suffered any ill effects yet. I may have to get some botox for the left eye though b/c it does really look a bit saggy, but I suppose that's what happens when your eye is swollen for 10 days.

I am supposed to call the optometrist again in order to set up an appointment for an eye exam since I was charged for one as a new patient visit, but still haven't actually received it yet. I'm a little bit worried about it b/c my left eye still seems a little blurry. I always thought that it would be cool to need glasses b/c they can be such a fun fashion accessory, but now that that might be a slight possibility, I don't think I'm so keen on it any more.

So, that's pretty much that. I hope it's all done with now. Asher never got it, so I am very glad about that. PEI was great. The island was beautiful, we had good weather all weekend, & the people were really friendly. It was nice to fly & not have Asher along.... it was a bit more relaxing than we are used to these days. Asher did fine for the people he stayed with. He told them they weren't allowed to sing at the table. He also woke them up quite early every day, so I'm sure they will be thankful that he's back home now. Hopefully now that he's back home he decides to sleep in in the mornings again!


  1. I really am glad you gave the eye update cause I was curious to see what was going on!!! and whatever made you think Glasses are a fun accessory? miss fashinista!!! :-P you should post pictures though... that would make the expeirence better!!! my menal images i think over exaggerated like the swelling and droopiness...

  2. lol. I agree, pictures would be great. You'll have to keep us updated on what the doc says when you go back.

    I think it is absolutely great that you get to see the world. Just think if I would of joined the air force back in the day before I got married, than I could have seen a lot of the world by now. Hope you feel better!