Thursday, 21 July 2016

Wyoming Wildlife

Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming, the only place we took pictures all day!

It started as a rest area stop, & turned into a lunch stop because we didn't think there would be another rest area for a long time.  We saw some wild animals here.  There were baby swallows at the buildings main entrance...

There was this fierce warrior...

 We even captured a photographer in his natural element!
(Funny story:  Grandma took this photo.  Then a few minutes later discovered that Chancery was standing on a counter area, & then told Chancery she shouldn't stand on tables... notice where Grandpa is?)

At the playground Chancery found a bunny! 

It was a combined effort to try to feed the bunny a little bit of carrot, but it was not the least bit interested in our carrot, choosing dandelion leaves instead.

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