Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Omaha Zoo

We chose the hottest, sunniest, most humid day to go to the Omaha Zoo.  There were a lot of air conditioned buildings to go through, so it ended up working out ok, but perhaps if we go again we'll check the weather report first!

We checked out the globe, & set it right side up.  We even found PEI on it! 

With 8 kids & 7 adults we managed to keep everyone together (for the most part).  The few times we lost someone it was usually not a kid! 

Granola Bar break! 

 Chancery & Lion found a nice spot to wait.

Mapping our course was not the easiest thing to do.  These maps were old & there are several new buildings that are not on the map yet.  Also the names & 'You are here' indicators are broken off most of the maps we found.  Good thing Auntie Sharon knew where we were going! 

I think the kids enjoyed the vines most of all! 

When you get the kids together, you better take a photo!
Especially if they are all in matching shirts! 

We had a great day, followed by burgers at Red Robin, which we all enjoyed!

I taught the people in my vehicle the flag game that we play.  You split the car into sides, then everyone looks for flags.  If you see a flag of the country you are in, your side gets 1 point.  If you see a different flag (State flag, British flag, etc) your side gets 2 points.  It was all going well until we passed a school & Uncle Kurt scored 27 points!

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