Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead was another place I had always wanted to go, but it just seemed a bit too far out of the way to justify a stop.  So, we made it a stop!

 We got there just in time for a picnic lunch

I drove everyone around the homestead
(not really, sadly there were no horses here)

Asher & Chancery pumped water out of the original well that Almanso dug.

Asher decided to try cutting the grass the old fashioned way, which technically is the modern way since we have a lawn mower very similar to this at home.

We found the horses!  The kids each got to have a slow, lead ride to the end of the field & back.  They both really enjoyed it, & I probably would have asked for a turn, but I would have wanted to go faster!

In the barn there were 2 kittens!
One cat for every kid!

The kids got to do some hands-on stuff.  They each made a rope out of 2 pieces of twine, & made a corncob 'ninja'!
(according to the lady who assisted in this task, ninjas are much more popular than dolls these days)

I was glad I finally made it to the homestead.  There was a lot that we didn't have time for, but maybe now I can convince the kids to read the books, then come back once they have done so!

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