Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Minuteman Missiles & Needles Parkway

Another day on the road, with a few extra pit stops!

 My brother, Kurt told us about the new Minuteman Missile museum along I-90, & we decided it was worthy of a stop.

They had a kids activity book, that once completed the kids would receive a badge.  Asher & Chancery dutifully filled in the answers (though if you asked them about it, I'm not sure they could answer your questions), then brought their booklets to the rangers for their badges.

There are also a few missile bunkers you can go look at to see how they were stored, & signs explaining how they were maintained, & could be launched. 

After an exciting morning, we had a picnic lunch in Custer State Park, & I found two dimes in the parking lot!  It's the little things that make it memorable!

 We found the pack of donkeys, & I was shocked by what I saw!  So, it's fun to bring some fruits & vegetables to feed the donkeys.  I get that.  What I don't understand is people who bring a big bag of full-sized carrots & feed the donkey carrot after carrot until the bag is gone or they donkey loses interest.  There were celery stalks & apples all over the ground that the donkeys were not eating because they were being over-fed.  This also means that the next people who come to feed the animals won't have a chance because they are not hungry anymore.  Moderation, people!  Leave some fun for the rest of us!

We continued on seeing lots of unique rock formations on the Needles Parkway. 

And we squeezed through the eye of the needle!

 Chancery & I found a little crevasse to explore.

Photo op!

Once again, the kids wanted to climb on the rocks for a picture!

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