Friday, 22 July 2016

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

My mom grew up in Montana, & it was always my favourite place to visit as a kid.  I love the prairies, horses, & all the fun things to do on my cousins' ranch.  My kids feel the same way.  Asher & Chancery are city kids, but I try to get them a taste of farm/country life as often as I can!

We stopped to visit my Great Uncle Gordon, the kids said hi, then went right back outside because there were kittens!

We stopped at the cemetery where quite a few of my ancestors are buried.  Look at this display of sibling love while the kids stand by their Great Grandparents!

And we found the grave of my Great-Great-Grandparents.

Then it was on to the ranch!  The kids were eager to go for a ride on the Quads.  My cousin Justin was kind enough to take us through a few fields for a nice ride.

We found this old log cabin, & the kids enjoyed looking around, but decided they did not want to live in it.

We drove up to the radio tower & the kids both wanted to climb it.  SInce it was pretty windy, & the tower is over 100 feet tall, I told them they could climb it as long as they would stop where I told them to & go no higher.

 I told Asher he had to stop 2 sections below where he is, knowing that he'd go a little higher...  He loves to climb!

We had a great time at the ranch & we were sad when it was time to go.  We got to spend a little more time with Justin & Uncle Leonard though since they decided to join us for supper!

If you ever want to know how to restore sibling harmony, tell them they can share a milkshake, but only if they agree on one flavour!   They chose chocolate, & shared very well!

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