Saturday, 23 July 2016

Berkeley Pit Mine & Grand Coulee Dam

We were back on the road & decided to stop in Butte, Montana to see the Berkeley Pit copper mine.

The kids seemed to have a bit of trouble with the binoculars...

You had to walk down a long tunnel to get through the hill.  Then you could see the pit.

It's huge, & this copper mine has a long history.  It was a quick stop, but interesting!

 We stopped to look at the sale table & scored a set of 3 shirts for Asher for $4!
One less thing to buy for school shopping!

Asher couldn't figure out why I wouldn't let him go see the trolley!

On the road again!  We spent a lot of time listening to our iPods!
(it was either iPods, or American politics!)

We made it all the way to the Grand Coulee Dam!
We watched a short video about the building of the dam, then walked around a bit.
After being in the truck all day the kids had a little trouble sitting still for the video, so we opted not to see the 45 minute, more in-depth video. 

I'm surrounded by craziness!

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