Thursday, 7 July 2016

On Our Way To Iowa!

We left my paretns house bright & early, just barely making it to the espresso stand less than a mile from the house for the early bird special...

"All coffee drinks $2.00 before 6:30am!"

But we made it, & with a 20oz, triple shot latte we were ready for the day!!!

 We stopped at Vantage, Washington to show the kids the "phony ponies" up on the hill.  We decided not to walk up to them, we still had a long way to go, & no time to waste!

Lots & lots of driving...

My sunglasses bit the dust, cracking in half.  Day 1, this was not a good sign, but then we stopped at the $50,000 Silver Dollar Saloon & I found a new pair for $5!  Score!
The kids also cooperated really well for this photo...

Chancery found a nice bear at a rest area along the way!

We made it all the way to Missoula, Montana.  We tried to go to Finnigan's over the creek, but the restaurant was closed for renovations.  Maybe on our way back it'll be open!

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