Saturday, 9 July 2016

Devil's Tower

Day two we drove from Missoula to Gillette, Wyoming.  Just another day on the road,  We tried to stop in Buffalo, but the hotels were all full because it was "Longmire Days".  We had no clue what that meant, apparently we are not up on our Netflix, so we pressed on.

Day three started with Starbucks, then on to Devil's Tower which I had never been to before.  It is a ways off the interstate, which is why I'd never been there, it just isn't the most convenient place to stop, so you have to make it a destination!

Here we are getting our first glimpse of it.
Asher is getting a granola bar.  Priorities!

 We made it!

The first bit of the trail, you are allowed to go 'bouldering' below the tree line.  The kids had a great time after being in the truck for 2 solid days!

We hiked all around the tower, choosing the short trail.  It was a pretty hot day, & when we were almost at the end of the trail, Chancery declared, "Sheeshamoly, I hate hiking!"  Good times were had by all.

We did see some wildlife along the way.  There was a deer on the trail & we crept quietly towards it, & managed to snap this photo of the kids with it.

 On our way out of the park we saw a field full of prairie dogs, which the kids had never seen before.  I agreed they were cute, then told them all the reasons they are a menace.  That's the farm girl in me coming out!

We carried on our way & made it to Oacoma, South Dakota for the night.  We enjoyed dinner at Al's Oasis, another place I'd never been, seems like a smaller version of Wall Drug.

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