Thursday, 13 January 2011

Christmas Pics

Christmas cards have gone out, & as I was cleaning up my desk the other day, I saw a few of the pictures that didn’t make this year’s cut.  I thought I’d share them with my bloggy friends today…




This picture is the one that PChad picked, & ultimately went in the cards we sent out.  I was a bit surprised that this one ‘won’ since it was a bit unintentional.  The kids & I had gone for a walk with Travis & Katie, & once we got to the beach at the end of our walk, I just snapped a few pics & the kids thought it’d be funny to roll around in the sand a bit.




Don’t ask me why, but I rarely take an up & down photo.  This was a contender for awhile since both kids were looking at the camera, but it was taken out of the running due to the large post in the foreground.




This picture was the ‘ok, we need a picture for the Christmas cards’ picture.  We took it after camping with PChad’s parents in the Rockies this summer.  I think we ended up looking too far away…




This picture was my first pick, but didn’t make the cut since neither of the kids were looking.  It was taken after my parents had driven the kids & I to PChad’s parents’ house this summer, when we were reunited with PChad.

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  1. That was so fun to see the ones that didn't make it, Sherilyn! We always have a bunch of those, too, and it does take some thought deciding which one is "the one" for the Christmas pic :)