Thursday, 20 January 2011

Animal House

Every time we get the costume box out, Chancery wants to be the zebra. 


She gets really excited as she’s putting the costume on, & as soon as she’s ‘dressed’, she starts showing off her tail.



If she thinks someone might have missed the fact that she now has a tail, she says, “Look at my TAIL! … I have a TAIL!”




She’ll even show it off to Thanet, “I have a tail like YOU, Thanet!” But he doesn’t seem to be too impressed.



Not to be outdone, this guy likes to get in on the action too.  Alas, he has no tail.


  1. is that a furry chin?

  2. LOL she is adorable and that last pic will now have me thinking of you as 'Goldilocks' from here on out!

    Now just how did you end up with a cat named after a town in Essex, England?!

  3. @Brit Gal Sarah
    When we first moved to London, the block of flats we lived in was called 'Thanet House', when we got the cat a few years ago, we figured we'd named our daughter after a London road, so why not name the cat after one? :)

  4. Ok so that would be Chancery Lane!! I wondered!

  5. hee hee! Fun post!