Monday, 17 January 2011

Con Artist

Chancery was in bed, & I had just finished putting Asher to bed, when I heard her say, “I want my pink blankie!”


I called back to her, “Your blankie is in your bed, right next to you.”


“No it’s not!” she replied.


I figured that maybe she had accidentally dropped it out of her bed, so I went in her room & turned on the light.  She was holding her blankie in her hand.


“Chancery,” I said, “You are HOLDING your blankie in your hand!”


“No I’m NOT!” she declared as she threw it onto the floor.  Then she followed it up with an immediate, “I need my pink blankie!”



She may LOOK innocent…


  1. LOL I believe they are sent to try us!

  2. Classic, gotta love a girl who can think on the fly.

  3. my, my, my. She is learning too quickly.