Wednesday, 26 January 2011

All Dressed Up


A few weeks before Christmas, Coffee Break had a Christmas program.  I was one of the readers for it, so since I was going to be standing in front of everyone for an extended amount of time, I thought I should wear something nicer than my usual jeans & a hoodie.


For me, dressing up is something I don’t really like to do.  I feel much more comfortable in clothes that I’m not worried about getting dirty or ripped.  So, when I say, “I’m dressing up” for something, if it’s not a wedding or church, chances are I’ll still probably be wearing jeans.


The morning of the program I decided to wear a knit hoodie sweater with jeans.  I figured it was the perfect mix of “dressed up” & comfortable.  Later that afternoon after Chancery woke up from her nap, she kept telling me, “You need to take off your church clothes, Mummy.”


I guess it goes to show, that even SHE thinks a knit hoodie qualifies as “nice” clothes!

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  1. She's a very smart girl! And, she knows her mommy very well! Your dressing guidelines are perfect.