Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We Camped, We Hiked, We Took Lots of Pictures

One of the things PChad wanted to do on his Alberta holidays, was go camping.  Now I like to camp just as much as the next gal (yes, I really do enjoy it), but PChad specified that he wanted to camp in the MOUNTAINS.

It was cold.  I am not a fan of the cold, so we spent our camping holiday all bundled up, in our warmest sweaters & coats.  Luckily, we were camping with PChad’s parents, & they kindly offered to let us sleep in their 5th wheel so we didn’t have to sleep in a tent in
sub-0 temperatures.

IMG_3847 When we first got to the site, I took the kids for a jaunt through the forest so that we’d be out of the way for setting everything up.


IMG_3850 Then the sun came out & for a brief while, the weather was pleasant enough for us to shed our outer layers.

IMG_3854 Over the course of the week, the kids found ways to amuse themselves around the campsite.

IMG_3931 Asher figured out how this camping thing is done,
“Can we do s’mores NOW?”

IMG_3872 Since we were surrounded by beautiful mountains, we figured we’d better enjoy the scenery

IMG_3875 Asher loved every bit of nature he encountered.

IMG_3881 Our leisurely morning hike turned into a 3 hour trek…

  So we took a few rests along the trail…


IMG_3911 And the more tired ones were given a lift…

IMG_3914 I think she milked it for all it was worth

IMG_3918 The next day, we set out again, this time armed with proper walking sticks…

IMG_3921 …and hiking gear,
“Can you tie my sweater around my waist when my hood’s on?”

IMG_3924 Chancery figured one stick was enough, after discovering it was too difficult to also carry rocks.

IMG_3945 We played by the lake for awhile…

IMG_3947 …and cooled our feet after all our hiking

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