Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Along The Boardwalk

When Travis & Katie were out a few weeks ago, we decided to go out to Greenwich Provincial Park near St. Peter’s. 

DSC_0291 We headed out in style

DSC_0293 Our first order of business was finding a place to eat our lunch.


DSC_0299 We settled for an apple we found on the apple tree growing beside the trail.  We figured we could wait for lunch until we made it to the end of the boardwalk.


DSC_0303 The trail was a nice mixture of low shrubbery…


DSC_0306 …and shady forest.


DSC_0313 The kids found a nice spot to sit & wait for us to catch up with them.


DSC_0319 The boardwalk was spectacular.  We saw lots of bird & even a few beaver dams along the way.


DSC_0335 “We finally made it!!”


DSC_0336 The beach was a lovely red sand beach & had I planned a little better we could have played in the water


DSC_0343 We found a nice log to sit on & eat our lunch


IMG_4140 And then it was time to head back.


I’m not much of a trip planner, so it was really nice for Travis to take over the planning of our site seeing.  I’m pretty sure I would have never found this place on my own.  We’ll definitely have to add this to the list of places PChad should go as well.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it. That was one of the places I had recommended when we were out there a few years ago, but everyone thought it might be too far to go with little kids and naps. Good to know it was worth the trip!

  2. we did this same walk this year- we took the longer trail as well- very lovely beach! Nice pics-