Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Truth Comes Out

I had heard a shriek coming from where the kids were playing as I was vacuuming the stairs this morning.  But it was short-lived & I was blissfully covering up any sounds of arguing with the gentle hum of the vacuum cleaner.  By the time I turned the vacuum off, there was quiet again.  I asked Asher to unplug the cord, & as he was doing so, I asked, “Are you playing nicely together?”


Chancery took the opportunity to turn on the tears & came out of Asher’s room with tear-filled eyes to tell me, “Asher hit me.”


“Asher, did you hit Chancery?” I asked.


“Yes,” he answered.


Me: “Well, why did you hit her?”


“Because she hit me,” was his soft reply.


Me: “Chancery, did you hit Asher?”


Chancery: “Yes.”


So I told them to stop hitting each other, & play nicely together.  The tears magically evaporated, & as I walked back downstairs I heard them saying, “I’m sorry for hitting, & I won’t do it again.”


If only that were true…

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