Friday, 30 May 2008

They Gave Me Sugar Water

Yesterday when I went to the Doctor I thought I'd kill 2 birds w/ one stone & get my bloodwork done that my other doctor had ordered last week. I kept seeing the lab order on my counter & just hadn't found a convenient time to go, which isn't like me at all. If you know me in the "real" world, you'll know that I actually LIKE to go to the doctor. I think when I was a freshman in college I was either at the hospital or the doctor every week. (I had physio for my ankle for 2 months, plus I was a BIT accident-prone).

ANYWAY, I went & they told me that the test that was ordered was a 1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test & I'd have to sit there for the whole hour. I knew what kind of test had been ordered, but in the doctor's office where I used to work, we never had made the patients wait, so I had figured I could drink the stuff & go home, then come back w/o Asher in tow, since I knew that sitting in the lab w/ Asher was not going to be a pleasant experience. So I told the lady I'd come back later instead.

Today Chad came home a little early so I could get the test done since I was supposed to get it done as soon as possible & it had already been a week & then some. So off I went w/ my book for an hour of sitting. I have to tell you, it was a rather enjoyable way to spend an hour. I could sit & read w/o any interruptions of any kind. The only issue I had was the chairs in the waiting room weren't very padded & neither is my bum, so sitting there for that long led to a bit of a sore tush, but I suppose most people don't have to sit there that long.... unless they come on a Monday morning, those were always busy.....

They gave me the delicious orange drink & said they'd call me back for the bloodwork in an hour. My baby was enjoying the sugar-rush. It was wriggling & squirming all over the place! When the time was almost up I sure felt tired though!

When I got home it was lunch time & now I have the issue of what to eat since I feel quite sugary & I need something to balance that out....... Any suggestions?


  1. Oh the memories! I remember what it pain it was to make that appointment when you have little kids, but once there, what a treat!! No kids for one whole hour! I am craving chinese food right now, so I highly recommend that. :)

  2. Protein!

    Love, Mom