Monday, 12 May 2008

I Might Be Scarring My Child, But It's For His Own Good!

While we were on our holidays, Asher got a SpongeBob Happy Meal toy. Now, I'm not a big fan of SpongeBob, mainly b/c he is aimed at small children, and his humour is more adult than kiddish. So, I'm not a fan. However, we were limited on the number of toys we had for Asher, so I decided that since this new toy wasn't a choking hazard, have could have it.

I may not have told him the truth though, when I told him the strange yellow creature's name. I actually told him it was a piece of cheese. I had many chuckles over hearing him sing from the backseat, "Oh where, oh where piece of cheese go? Oh where, oh where a be?" Chad told me I shouldn't rename famously known items such as SpongeBob, but by then it was too late.

Well, on Saturday when I took Asher for our traditional breakfast at McDonald's, who was on the TV? SpongeBob! It took most of the meal before Asher noticed, and when he did, I really got the chuckels. He called out in a loud voice, "Piece of cheese on TV!"

So, dear reader, do you think he'll be scarred for life, much like the children who find out past the age of 10 that Santa doesn't exist?


  1. Nay, I think he will be okay. Pretty funny actually. I have my children thinking that the big round rolls of hay that are wrapped in white, are actually really big marshmallows! Everytime we go by a farm, my kids shout out "Marshmallows!" Too funny.

  2. I don't think you've scarred him. You are right, that show should not be marketed to children. I'd say it should be treated like Beavis & Butthead from MTV and Southpark. Definitely for adults!

  3. Na, he wont be scarred. He'll be just fine. I have cartoons that my kids are not allowed to watch either. Sometimes we tell kids things to protect them. When they find out the truth they are fine. My daughters saw the news about Mnt. St. Helens when it was smoking and were so sure that Mnt. Rainer was gonna blow and that the lava was gonna get us, so I told them to think of Mnt. Rainer as a giant snow castle. Now they just love to look and the giant snow castles and make up stories about the "king and queen" that might live there. I think its cute.