Saturday, 24 May 2008

Oh, He Loves Canada!

Lately Asher has been waking up around 6am, which is about an hour before we want him to get up. Normally I go in his room & tell him he needs to go back to sleep until his night-light comes on (we have it on a timer). But the past 2 days when I have gone in there to do so he has informed me that he is a "Stinky Pete." So I have had the fun task of changing his pants at 6 in the morning & then getting him to go back to bed for an hour.

Last night I told Chad that if Asher woke up early today it was his job to go get him back to sleep since normally Chad sleeps through this whole ordeal. So this morning at 20 after 6 I hear Asher start to talk. I usually wait a little bit, hoping that he'll just go back to sleep on his own. He didn't have much to say this morning, normally it's indistinguishable chatter, but I distinctly heard him say, in a rather loud voice, "In Canada, YAY!" That brought a smile to my face.

That was the last I heard him until 7 when his light came on. We were awakened again by a little voice saying, "Come out? Night-light on! Come out?" So I sent Chad in & sure enough, he was informed that Asher was a "stinky Pete." He must have known daddy likes to sleep in & it was his turn today!

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