Saturday, 3 May 2008

A Day at the Market

Today we decided to walk through Walthamstow Market to see if Chad could find a suitable coat. Of course our first stop was Costa Coffee to fuel up for the morning of shopping, but we had to walk right by a park, so after we had purchased our drinks we let Asher go play on the playground for awhile. Apparently the most exciting part of the playground was trying to escape it, so that little play break didn't last very long.

We walked up & down the stalls only to discover that 95% of them were not men's clothing items, which was what we were primarily looking for. However I did find a nice "England" sweater for £3. I'm very excited about that purchase, but won't be able to wear it properly for about 3 more months. It's a good investment. We also found a cute baby book for the new little one & that was only £3 as well. So it was a pretty good day for me. Not so much for Chad as he still didn't find a coat like he wanted, but I think he's somewhat enjoying having something to look for, so it's not so bad.

After the market we came back home & tried to get Asher to sleep, but he'd fallen asleep at the market for awhile, so it wasn't meant to be. Chad took Asher out for a walk later & I had a bit of a kip. Then we went to Chingford to the King's Head Pub. We used to go there occasionally & quite enjoyed both the atmosphere & the food. We brought Theres along as well. She's living @ G&M's house & we had met her before we left England before.

However, once we got to the pub we were told that children under 14 are not allowed inside the pub. We were invited to eat outside, but when I asked about a highchair the man said, "no, we're not really a child friendly pub. I mean, we're friendly, just not to children..... I mean, ummmmm." At this point we knew it wasn't meant to be. Asher isn't really the sort to sit on a picnic table bench for an hour while we try to have a nice dinner.

Theres suggested "The Royal Forest" pub in Chingford at the Inn, so we decided to go there for dinner instead. The service was a bit slow, but the menu had really good variety, even the kids' menu had over 15 choices. We had a very enjoyable dinner & I had Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert that was delicious.

Tomorrow it's back into London for Church etc, so off to bed I go!

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  1. What's a "kip"? Two guesses: a nap or a beer? Either would seem appropriate, but considering your pregnant state, I think it's a nap.