Monday, 5 May 2008

Our Last Day in England

We took it a bit easy today. It was a bank holiday, so b/w the less frequent buses, & most places being closed, it was a bit forced upon us to take it easy, which was probably good since we'll be on the aeroplane most of the day tomorrow. This morning began at 6:30am. Asher initially woke up at 5:45, so we decided that it wasn't so bad to get up then. He's going to be so off schedule that it doesn't really matter anyway.

We had breakfast and then went off to the park, but there had been a very heavy dew last night, so everything was really wet. We had decided to go to Chingford today in a last ditch effort to find a coat for Chad. We got there around 9:30 & almost every shop was closed, so we stopped at Cafe Nero to kill some time & have a latte. I ordered an iced latte & the next thing I knew she was blending it. It wasn't overly icy though, so it was a bit like a melted milkshake. Not too pleasant. Another reason to not go to Nero.

Then off to shop we went, however the shops were still closed, so we made our way up the street & found nothing open, & caught the bus back to Highams Park. Then we went back to the park, since other children's bottoms had dried off the playground. Chad was quite interested in getting an English breakfast before we leave, & had seen some signs at pubs for all day breakfast, so we took the car & returned to Chingford.

We stopped at a pub advertising all day breakfast & went in only to be greeted by a waitress telling us that they didn't open 'til noon, & it was 11:45. We contemplated the "All Dayness" of their breakfast if they didn't open 'til noon, then decided we'd go elsewhere b/c Chad doesn't like to be the first patrons in a restaurant after it opens as sometimes the kitchen isn't in full swing yet at that time.

So we returned to "The Royal Forest" pub that we had eaten at with Theres. I had a carbon-copy of the mal I had the other night & enjoyed it thoroughly. Especially the Sticky Toffee Pudding, this time I had it topped w/ Custard & it was DIVINE! I figured since it is so difficult to make & impossible to get at restaurants in Canada that I'd better take advantage of being able to eat it as often as possible.

Asher had a double burger & was doing quite well with it except it was a bit large for his little mouth. Chad decided to break it for him.... thus began a small meltdown where Chad & then I was instructed to "fix it." We had to explain that it couldn't be fixed, the crying actually stopped quite suddenly b/c a boy at a nearby table started having a tantrum of his own & Asher doesn't like to compete at times like these, so he let the other boy do the crying from there on out. It may have helped that my dessert showed up shortly thereafter as well. He was a bit disappointed that there was no ice cream this time, but it couldn't be helped, Sticky Toffee Pudding is better w/ Custard!

We came back to G&M's for naps (yes we all enjoyed nap time) & then went out to the back garden to enjoy the grass & the sunshine for awhile. Chad wasn't feeling well & didn't want to leave the house so we ordered Pizza Hut (don't we splash out?) for dinner & Asher quite enjoyed that the man came & brought it to the door.

So we are in for a long day tomorrow. After an 8 hour flight plus airport travel & waiting & am already looking forward to our hotel's pool & my once-in-a-blue-moon chance to take a bath at the hotel. Signing off from England, Ta-Ta!

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