Tuesday, 27 May 2008


As I type this little blog, dear reader, a sad thing has happened. I am baking brownies. The smell is wafting around the apartment & tantalizing my taste buds. I had to go into the kitchen to get something & noticed that the brownies only had 15 minutes to go. I started to think of how good fresh home-made brownies are. I figured I could wait 15 minutes for one, but then I remembered that I would also have to wait for them to cool down a bit & I decided I couldn't wait that long. Soooooo, I ate a Suzy-Q. Not so bad, you say? Well, the brownies have just come out of the oven & I am starting to rethink that I could probably wait until they cool down a bit & have one of those as well. No wonder my stomach is getting so big!

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