Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

This morning Asher woke up at 3:30, 4:00, & at 4:30 he decided he'd had enough sleep. We couldn't blame it on the room not being dark b/c it was pitch black. It was really nice, we slept really well, until Asher decided he was done!

So, we got up early, I had Chad make us some coffee from the coffee maker so thoughtfully provided in our room & then we went to Denny's again for breakfast. Asher was quite excited to have pancakes for breakfast, but even more excited that they came with cherries on top. I think we'll have to start ordering him things with fruit on them. Last night he was more excited about the grapes that came with his dinner than the Mac & Cheese. Although this morning when I asked him what he was going to have for breakfast, instead of his usual answer of, "Pancakes!" I got "Mac & Cheese!" I had to explain that he couldn't have Mac & Cheese for breakfast & he was ok with that too.

We started on our way home & stopped off at a western store as I was looking for a new pair of Roper Performance shoes since I really liked mine, but couldn't find a place that sold them. I struck out once again, except that the sales lady remembered she had been sent a sample from Roper, but didn't want to order them, so she had the one pair. They were a size 8 & I am a8.5, but she gave me a really good deal on them, so I got them anyway. I was looking for a brown suede pair like the ones I have, but these are tooled brown leather & I really like them, they are a little less frumpy than the other pair.

After our little foray off the freeway, we got started again, only to stop at the next exit b/c Chad saw some stores that looked interesting. We spend time, but no money, then off again. We made it to London, ON, I decided since it was lunchtime to stop off at the mall. We began to window shop a bit & CHAD FOUND A COAT! I was very excited for him & he is quite happy with his purchase. I suppose it can still go on the record that he got it on our holiday, even though it is w/in an hour of home.

Once we got home Asher was very excited to get to play w/ all his toys again while we unpacked the car. However, he was quite upset 15 minutes later when I told him it was time for a nap b/c he wanted to play instead. He said, "want to play w/ firetruck.'" To which I told him it was time for bed. "Want to play w/ police car." Time for bed. "Want to play w/ school bus." I so it went while I changed his pants. He had such a good nap though that I had to wake him up 2 hours later so he'd go to sleep again at the end of the day.

Chad's off on a men's retreat tomorrow morning, so we'll see how Asher & I cope w/o him for a few days. Our fridge seems to be on the blink as well. Everything in our freezer was melted when we got home & the fridge seems to be a bit warmer than it should be, so I'll have to figure something out.


  1. Glad to hear you had such a great trip. But I have to comment about the fridge. Ours just did the same thing. First the freezer and then the fridge part. I don't know what is wrong with it but my neighbor brought over 2 small ones for us to use untill we leave. I think Travis is going to tinker with the fridge and see if he can get it to work so we can leave it with the house. I hate moving. I don't know how you do it so much.