Saturday, 22 August 2015

Yellowstone has Mud & Geysers!

We started our day with a hearty breakfast to ward off the cold.  We had stayed in the KOA at West Yellowstone in a cabin, which was really nice becuase it had space heaters!  The KOA had a outdoor breakfast we could have gone to, but it was only 7°C, so we opted to go to a restaurant instead.  

 Unfortunately, the coffee was pretty bad, but the pancakes were yummy!

 And I carried on the tradition from my childhood of getting a cinnamon bun!

After breakfast, we were off to Yellowstone for more adventures!
 We saw boiling mud called 'paint pots', & learned that the minerals in the mud kill the plants which grow around them, but in the winter the bison hang around in the warm mud & provide enough fertilizer for a few hardy plants to grow.

The kids were quite impressed by all the boardwalks which crossed the fragile terrain, but wanted to know what kept the boardwalks from falling through the thin ground into the water below.

 Seeing all the different colours that the minerals turned the water & ground was really neat.  It's crazy how many different geological wonders are here in Yellowstone!

 Then we waited for about an hour for Old Faithful to blow!

Just after Old Faithful, a ranger announced that the Beehive was going to erupt within the next 15 minutes, so we took the short walk to see it too since it is a bigger geyser than Old Faithful.

We didn't think we'd have enough time to go across to the backside, so we stayed across the river from it, but when we saw how the wind was blowing the water, we were glad we stayed where we were!  The people on the other side were not expecting to get so wet!

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