Friday, 14 August 2015

Chancery's 7th Birthday!

When Auntie B & I asked Chancery what she'd like for dinner for her birthday she said she'd really like mac & cheese, & hot dogs!

So we decided to do a fire pit since my kids had been asking for one for the past 2 months, but we didn't have one in PEI

I got to sit by Noodle

Asher & Apple enjoyed watching the fire

Then it was present time!  Noodle, Jelly, & Apple gave Chancery a playmobile set

'How to Train Your Dragon 2'
"I've wanted this for so long!"

"A new Dork Diaries Book!"

Chancery had been asking for the past 2 years for a "fuzzy pony".  I knew she wanted a My Little Pony which was fuzzy, but they don't make them anymore, so I put in a call to Grandma V, & she gave me my old fuzzy pony to give to Chancery!

Grandma V also gave Chancery 2 jackets, which she loves!  In fact, she is so excited to wear them that despite 32 degree weather she wore black jeans & her new black jacket!

She had a great day & enjoyed celebrating her birthday with her cousins!

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