Monday, 17 August 2015

Blue Bunny

We left Uncle B & Auntie B's house & drove 2 long days to get to Iowa to visit Uncle K & Auntie S & their 3 kids, Muffin, Lion, & Aardvark.  We arrived Saturday around dinnertime, & enjoyed the warm evening eating outside, & sending the kids to the park!

Sunday after church we headed to LeMars for some ice cream in the self proclaimed "Ice Cream Capital of the WORLD!"

 Aardvark was showing us how his tongue could change colours from his ice cream

 Mmm, ice cream!

The kids even sat for awhile to watch the video about the Blue Bunny company, how it started, & how ice cream is made

They have a photo booth area which everyone really enjoyed taking pictures in! 

Chancery thought the giant spoon would make a good hat

 PChad scooped Chancery up!

Lion & Chancery took a few self-timed photos

I think this spoon would work really well in the ice cream sundae cup that was out front of the shop!

 Asher wanted PChad to feed him some ice cream

Yay for Blue Bunny!

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