Sunday, 9 August 2015

Into The States!

Sunday we travelled from Moncton, New Brunswick, to Boston, MA.  We awoke to find that Digby had found a nice spot to sleep, thankfully I had folded all my clothes, so they were just nicely pressed, & warm!

We had a bit of a problem locating my room key, but then Chancery found the notepad & decided to write down some clues...

We did find it in the end, under a serviette on the table!

We got all packed to hit the road only to discover someone had not thought very well about where they should park.  The guy parked behind us left an empty spot though, so PChad managed to get out without too much trouble.  These are the times I'm glad he has experience with driving semis!

We drove, & drove, & drove, & the kids were good for the most part.  At one point we were stuck in stop & go traffic for quite awhile & PChad said, "smells like someone's brakes are burning."  After a little longer he said, "the smell seems to be following us... maybe it's us."  And, yes, it was us.  We pulled off to the side of the road & he took a look & poured some water on the brakes to cool them a bit.  They seemed to be better, but we decided we should have them looked at in the morning.

 After some confusion due to construction & roads being re-named, we found our hotel, then went for dinner.  The kids coloured, did trivia about the baseball player who founded the restaurant.  We didn't do very well on the trivia since we don't know any Red Sox players!

Tomorrow after getting the van checked we're off to Maryland to visit Auntie B & Uncle B!

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