Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Higher! Higher! Go, Go, GO!

Since the kids had been cooped up in the van for the past 2 days we decided to try to find something to use up the kids' excess energy.  Auntie B had heard about a climbing place, so we decided to check it out.

 Asher decided to take a little break halfway up.  This one had a nice little bridge for him to sit on.

Apple enjoyed watching her brothers & cousins climb, but was a bit put out that she wasn't old enough to climb yet.

She & I walked around to watch all the kids climb, & she had a fun time on the bouncy toys.

 Jelly took a bit of prompting to climb higher than a couple of feet, but he was really proud once he got the hang of it! 

Chancery didn't get very many photos taken since I couldn't find her most of the time.  She found a little friend to climb with & the two of them climbed together for most of the morning.

Asher climbed almost all of the 75 walls.  He was quite tired out by the end of the day, & at bedtime he said, "Daddy, my arms are tired!"

PChad gave Noodle some extra encouragement, & the two of the climbed beside each other a few times.

At the end of the day Noodle climbed almost to the top of the pirate ship!

Here's a picture of Noodle, PChad, Asher & Jelly climbing Mount Rushmore!

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