Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ice Cream!

After our exciting day at the zoo, we decided to add to the excitement by letting the kids make some ice cream!  Auntie B has an ice cream ball, which you put ice & salt in the outside part, & cream, sugar & flavour in the inner part.  Then you roll & shake the ball for 10 minutes, open, scrape the cream off the sides, close & repeat for another 10 minutes.

I was put in charge of the 10 minute scraping, but unfortunately I chose a spatula which was a little too big for the opening.  I pushed the spatula in, & about half of the ice cream mixture sprayed all over me, the floor & the counter.  When the kids saw what had happened they were so disapppointed thinking that all the ice cream had spilled out.  So, while PChad continued with the ice cram ball, we told the kids we thought it would be fun to lick the cream off the counter so as not to waste it!

The kids all got right in there & went to work cleaning up the mess I had made.

At one point Uncle B came in & said, "What happened in here?"  But we told him not to worry about it & just to carry on mowing the grass while we dealt with it.  He figured out pretty fast that the mess must have either been my fault or Auntie B's because we would not have been so relaxed about it if a kids had done it!

Once the rest of the ice cream was made, the kids enjoyed small bowls of it.  They all said it tasted really good, & I don't think they will quickly forget the ice cream ball debacle!

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