Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Say Yes!

We are trying to break Chancery of the habit of saying, “Yeah.”  We want her to say “yes” instead.  Last week we had been correcting her quite a bit & she was catching on quite well.  So well in fact that she started catching US saying “yeah”, and began correcting us by saying, “Say YES, not yeah, Mummy!”  PChad was enjoying that I was the one who kept speaking incorrectly.  But I wasn’t the only one guilty of not saying yes.


We went to a restaurant for dinner, & when the waitress came by & asked if we’d like refills on our drinks, PChad replied in the affirmative.  AS she walked away, the WAITRESS jumped in on the correcting action & said, “YES? You’d like a refill?”


Being corrected by a two year old is bad enough, but I think being corrected by a waitress who wasn’t privy to all the earlier discussions was the icing on the cake!

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