Thursday, 7 October 2010

Mistaken Identity

On Monday when I was taking Asher to school, I had to take a different route due to some road construction blocking the road we usually take.  About 1/2 way to Asher’s school, I noticed a young lady walking along the side of the road with a UPEI backpack.  She was walking rather slowly & I thought she looked a bit tired.


I continued on & dropped Asher off at school.  By the time I was leaving the school, the young lady had just passed the entrance & was continuing along the road in the same direction I was headed.  So I stopped & asked if she’d like a ride.  She got in the truck & said, “Thank you so much!  It’s so nice of you to offer me a ride!  I was working late last night & was up until 2, so I slept in a bit this morning, but I just knew I was going to be late for class!  Are you headed to class as well?”


She then looked in the back seat & saw Chancery.  “No,” I told her, “I’m on my way to the grocery store, but the University is on my way, so I figured you might like a lift.”  We chatted the rest of the way & she thanked me again for helping her get to classes on time.  I didn’t mind a bit.  I kind of like being mistaken for a University student, especially when the person asking is 19!

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