Thursday, 14 October 2010

Asher’s Field Trip

Yesterday Asher’s Pre-K class went to the fire station.IMG_4338

Unfortunately we had an appointment at the US Consulate in Halifax, that we could not miss.  So we spent the day in the car… IMG_4339

…and 2 hours at the consulate waiting for them to tell us that we didn’t have the proper birth certificate for Chancery, so we have more work to do before she can get her proof of US citizenship.


After a full day of being cooped up, the natives started getting restless.  Here is an account of our day…

It all started as a yawn that was mistaken for a “roar”, it quickly became a roaring contest…

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  1. Cute video. :) Anything immigration/citizenship related makes me want to roar, too. Blegh.