Thursday, 21 October 2010

Musical Tastes

A few months ago, whenever we were in the car, Asher requested that I play Weezer’s Blue Album.  Occasionally I’d play something else, & he’s always ask, “Is this Weezer?”  If it wasn’t, he’d say, “I only like Weezer music, Mummy.”

One day, we got in the car & PChad had left the radio on a station.  Asher immediately said, “I don’t like this song.  Can we please listen to Weezer?”  I didn’t know it, but PChad had also switched the CDs in the car & put in Linkin Park’s “Minutes To Midnight” instead of the ever-present Blue Weezer album we had all grown so fond of.

I pressed the CD button, & when the music started playing Asher declared, “This is my favourite song!”  He quickly followed it up with the statement, "…and it has the yelling song on it too!” which describes the song quite adeptly.

I give you “the yelling song”


  1. thanks, now I've been listening to LP songs instead of getting ready for work

  2. Whatever happened to Psalty the singing songbook and Kid's Praise??