Thursday, 28 October 2010

Foreign Objects

iranian-black-raisinsLast Friday morning I thought I was going to take our first trip to the ER.  At breakfast as I was cleaning up, I heard Chancery saying, “I can’t get it out!  I can’t get the raisin out of my nose!”


At first I thought she was just playing around, since she was holding a raisin up to her nose, but then she said, “There is another one already in there!”


I couldn’t see one when I looked, but I could feel a slight bulge in her nose.  It was a school day for Asher, so we went to brush our teeth, & I figured I’d better have another look under the lights in the washroom.  I laid her down on the counter & took the tweezers out, just in case I was able to see the raisin.  By that time Chancery had sneezed a few times & it must have been just enough to move the raisin down a bit, so when I peeked, I could just see a little of it. 


Thankfully I was able to remove the raisin quite easily, & now I can say that I am an expert at foreign object retrieval from the nasal cavity.  I never had this problem with Asher…  I’m just wondering what other predicaments Chancery’s going to get herself into!


  1. wow! Glad it all worked (its way) out! :)

  2. Just in case this ever happens again ....
    Ben stuck a LiteBrite peg up his nose once. It was so far up there I couldn't see it. I took him to the ER and all the doctor did was lay him on the bed, pinch his non-blocked nostril shut, and had me blow into his mouth. 2 blows, and that LiteBrite peg shot right out.
    I thought that was an interesting trick.

  3. Congratulations, you crossed another hurdle of parenthood.....