Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lessons In Buckets

With Asher at Pre-Kindergarten 3 mornings a week, we’ve been having lots of interesting conversations of late.  There’s a whole new world of ideas & thought processes that he’s being introduced to, & it has been very exciting watching them play out around the house.


Last week the take home lesson was about how we all have “buckets” & we can be a bucket-filler, or a bucket-dipper.  When we do or say nice things, we fill other people’s buckets, & when we say or do mean things, we dip into others’ buckets.


Chancery was playing with one of Asher’s paper hats he had taken home from school, & eventually it broke.  She went up to Asher & said, “Sorry, Asher.  I broke your hat.”  It took Asher a few seconds to pay attention to her & when it dawned on him what had happened I heard him wail, “Chancery broke my hat!  She broke my hat & now my heart is broken & my bucket is EMPTY!”


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