Monday, 2 November 2009

New Excuses Everyday

Asher knows that we have caught on to his excuse about having to wee after we have put him to bed. He still tries it from time to time. In fact a few days ago he came out of his room & said, "I have to poo!"

Me: "No you don't."

Asher: "Well then, I have to wee."

Me: "No, you just did that."

Asher: "I guess I don't then."

Sometimes Thanet gets in his room & then he calls, "Mummy, Thanet's in my room!"

Last week he tried, "Mummy! Russel's in my room & he's bothering me!" But Russel is his stuffed dog, so there was no way that I was falling for that.

Then the other night we heard, "Daddy! I'm having trouble getting comfortable!"

I caught him jumping from his headboard onto his bed last night. I asked him, "DO you think that's good or naughty?"

He replied, "I was trying to be quiet!"

Once he finally gets to sleep, he's a great sleeper, it's just difficult getting him to that point sometimes!

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  1. I have a couple of kids like that. They don't really frow out of it, they just learn to read, and then they can stay in bed and read until they're ready to sleep:)