Monday, 23 November 2009

An Epidemic

We've been having a bit of sickness going around our household. It all started with Chancery puking in her bed unbeknownst to us, one night last week, followed by a rash & issues at the bottom end.

Then, Saturday morning at 1:30AM, I heard Asher yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, I spit up!"

Indeed, he had, so PChad got him in the shower & I changed all the bedding. We took away Asher's buddies so he wouldn't get them dirty if he did it again, & we gave him a bucket to cuddle with instead.

We got everyone back in bed, & at 2:00AM I heard, "Sorry everyone! I'm very sorry!"

So I went to see what Asher was so sorry about & he had forgotten about the bucket & puked all over his bed again. So we repeated the procedures & hoped it wouldn't happen again, as we were now out of clean sheets for his bed.

Luckily that was it for puking, but he got the runs too.

Then PChad got sick on Sunday morning. It made for an interesting church service, but everyone did a good job of covering where needed.

Now my stomach is feeling a bit dodgy, but I figure that if I just convince myself I'm not sick, I can stay well. That works, right?

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