Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lost Luggage

When my family came to visit us last summer, my brother's bag got lost in transit. It was a bag that they planned on taking on the plane, but once they found out that they wouldn't have to pay the additional bag charge, they decided to check it. Unfortunately, it contained Brenda's spare glasses & both their coats.

When they discovered that it had not made it to the airport, they filled out the appropriate forms & were told that the bag had made it to the lay-over, but hadn't been put on the second plane. They were also told that it would be sent on the next flight, the next day.

When it didn't show up again, Brian made numerous calls & finally 5 days later, was told the airline would reimburse them up to a certain amount, for buying new coats, toiletries, whatever they needed.

After their wee of holidays was over, they went home & still had no idea where their bag actually was. About 10 days after they got home, their wandering bag was returned to them. Due to a error in the paperwork, a few weeks later, they also received cheques from the airline to replace the lost bag. When Brian called to tell them that the bag had actually been returned to them, the airline told them to keep the cheques anyway.

The lost luggage debacle of 2009 was not a fun one. It made the holiday slightly less enjoyable for all involved, but it could have been worse...

United Airlines famously broke David Carroll's guitar a few years ago & he wrote a song about it that has received much attention on YouTube, but now United has managed to lose his bag as well.

Here's the song:

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