Wednesday, 4 November 2009

At It Again

I thought I'd heard all the excuses imaginable from a 3 year old little boy, for getting out of bed. Apparently I was wrong. A few nights ago PChad was gone & I had just put Asher in bed. I told him that he had just wee'd, he'd just poo'd, he had all his buddies in bed with him and there was NO REASON for him to get out of bed.

Asher agreed with me & said, "I won't get out of bed, Mummy."

I told him, "If you get out of bed for ANY reason, you're going to get a time-out, do you understand?"

Asher: "Yes, Mummy, I won't get out of bed at all."

I had not even gotten to the bottom of the stairs before I heard him running to his bedroom door.

So after his timeout was over I asked him, "Why did you get out of bed? You told me you were going to stay in bed."

Asher: "Meow!"

I just looked at him, waiting for a proper answer.

Asher: "That wasn't an answer, Mummy. That's just the sound a kitty makes."

I never did find out the reason he was out of bed. I had to leave the room before he saw that I was laughing.

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