Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I was at the doctor's office in the waiting room this afternoon, sitting across from a girl who was about 6 & her father.  She was making her way through the stack of children's books in the waiting room & picked up a book of Mother Goose Rhymes.

She said, "Oh, I know THESE!" and promptly started "reading" them to her father.  She did pretty well until she got to "Little Miss Muffet".

Little Miss Muffin sat on her tuffin
eating her curbs away.....
Along came a spider that sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffin away.

Maybe it's just too outdated & kids don't understand the language so they make up their own.  Next was "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep".

Black, Black, Black Sheep have you any more?
Yes, Sir, yes, Sir, three bags, four.
One for the boss, two for the same. And one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Sadly, I was called back before she got through the book. I was looking forward to hearing the rest of the "updated" rhymes.

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