Thursday, 30 April 2009

Will You Please Eat Your Oatmeal?

At the breakfast table this morning:

Asher: "What's this black thing in my oatmeal?"

PChad: "Just a black piece of oatmeal, you can eat it."

Asher: "I don't want to eat it..... it tastes like a little bit of dirt."

PChad: "Well, then don't eat it, just eat your oatmeal please."

Asher: "I'll just eat the white oatmeal, not the black ones."

PChad: "That's a good idea."

Asher: "The black ones taste like dirt."

Asher: "There was some dirt in my oatmeal & it was black."

Asher: "Mummy, there was some black in my oatmeal & it tasted like dirt, so I won't eat the black ones, just the white ones."

Me: "Oh, ok, don't eat the black ones then."

Asher: "Chancery, black oatmeal tastes like dirt, so I won't eat it."

Me: "PChad, aren't you glad that your son got some of my obsessive personality?"

A few bites later.....

Asher: "I won't sing the Yankee Doodle song."

PChad: "That's good because you aren't supposed to sing at the table."

Asher: "I'm not going to sing the 'Riding on a pony' song either."

Me: "Good, can you please eat your oatmeal?"

PChad: "Apparently he got my song-constantly-running-through-your-head gene too."

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  1. Oh this made me chuckle! Guesss which 42yr old foreigner picks the black bits out of her oatmeal in disgust too!