Thursday, 23 April 2009

He Knows Me Well

A few days ago PChad walked in the door & handed Asher a small gold box, with instructions that he was to bring it to me. PChad had gone into a store we've not yet visited & bought me a small box of truffles. Then he said, "Guess how much that little box cost."

I gave my best estimate, but was actually quite low on the price. After he told me what he had actually paid, I asked, "You paid THAT much just for truffles?"

His reply: "It's better than wasting it on flowers, don't you think?"

And THAT is one of the reasons I love this man!


  1. That is smart. That is something Travis would do. He hates buy flowers as much I love getting them b/t they are expensive and they die so fast. And I understand that but every year or two it would be nice.

  2. i'm starting to realize you are a true choclate fanatic. What a sweet thing to do way to go P.Chad!