Monday, 13 April 2009


We're hardliners when it comes to bibs at mealtimes, but for some reason we can be a bit lax during snacktime. It really depends upon what Asher is eating, if we make him don his bib or not. If he's simply having raisins, or fruit bites, no bib required. If he's having a more involved messy snack like yoghurt or Oreos, a bib is definitely a must.

The other day Asher was eating a Bear Paw, and I was debating whether he needed a bib or not. He took the argument that he didn't need a bib & showed me his nice clean hands to prove his point. He said,

"See, I'm not getting my hands dirty at all! That way I can put them in my ears!"

I wasn't quite sure what the connection between clean hands & his ears was, but he proceeded to demonstrate. I told him he still shouldn't put his fingers in his ears while he was eating b/c there are yucky tasting things in our ears. Asher then pointed out,

"There are yucky tasting things in my nose too & you should take them out!"

Well, thank you, Son, but I think I think I heard the doorbell!

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